Discovering The Path

As a young boy, Jack remembers seeing a Judo demonstration that was an impressive display of confidence, power and respect. It made a lasting impression.

A Way Of Life

Today, with 30 years of Judo under his belt, Jack is dedicated to the principals of balance, discipline and respect. Through it all, he has enjoyed friendships, travel, the thrill of competition and teaching others the practice of Judo. This path has led Jack to physical and mental well-being and provides him with deep sense of harmony in all aspects of his life.

As a Level 3 Certified Judo instructor, and an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), Jack is focused on helping others achieve the same harmony and success in their lives. He is experienced, trusted and qualified in both fields.

Teaching Others

Jack believes people practice Judo for different reasons and need lesson plans that match their individual goals. By the same token, he knows that anyone seeking mortgage financing has his or her own unique personal set of circumstances. Jack identifies his clients’ wants, needs and goals, and offers sound financial advice that puts them on the path towards the right mortgage plan.

The Way Home

Jack brings balance to his clients by utilizing efficiency, leverage and proper industry techniques perfected through years of experience, and intuitively has the poise and self-confidence to cope with any market eventuality.

Jack requires full disclosure of his clients’ financial situations to maximize his efficiency as their mortage broker. Trust, honesty, and integrity are key for client confidentiality. Jack works for his clients and not the lenders.

His unwavering lifelong commitment to judo and coaching parallels his commitment to his clients and their success. Jack draws many comparisons between a judo match and a mortgage transaction - for both he must be physically and mentally prepared, conditioned and focused to win. Through his competitive spirit and the power of visualization, he enters each scenario as if he has already succeeded.

Securing a mortgage for a new home can be a stressful experience. Jack adopts a positive “can-do” attitude. His experience in grappling with lenders and leveraging credit allows him to adapt the best possible course of action for his clients, align all the moving parts and, ultimately bring balance to the deal.